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Rig Moving and Logistical Support Services for Onshore Drilling Campaigns

Vision: To be recognised as a prime provider of integrated services to the Oil and Gas sector within Oman, and to operate profitably and safely in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner

Mission: To provide best value to clients through a wide range of cost effective integrated services that assure quality, reliability, safety, professionalism, diligence and environmental sensitivity.

Values: Loyalty and integrity, Cooperation and Collaboration, Professionalism, Transparency, Responsibility, Stakeholders satisfaction

  • About Arabian Logistics LLC

    • Established March 2006  to penetrate Oman's Oil & Gas services sector
    • Arabian Logistics is an "A" Grade Omani L.L.C.
    • Registered with Ministry of Commerce ( CR 1/83028/7 )
    • Ministry of Oil & Gas approved contractor
    • Occidental Oman approved contractor
    • Ministry of Manpower green card holder
    • Omanisation target compliant in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012

    Arabian Logistics L.L.C. is incorporated under the Laws of the Sultanate of Oman and is a joint venture between The Arabian Group of Companies from The Republic of Yemen and The Zubair Corporation of Oman. The joint venture combines two mature organisations with a wealth of resources and expertise that provides a unique capability to rapidly procure, assemble and mobilise all necessary resources to meet clients varying needs and exacting deadlines.

    Established in March 2006 Arabian Logistics specialises in the provision of Logistics Support Services operating in harsh and remote locations. These services include rig moving, oil-field transportation, frilling fluids handling, materials handling and drill water supply.

    Arabian Logistics Head Office is conveniently located in Azaiba, Muscat. Its operational base is in the Mukhaizna Field, where it has established the necessary support facilities for its dedicated fleet of specialised rig-moving and oilfield logistical support vehicles.

    The company is managed by an experienced, professional and dedicated team with a strong focus on customer service.

  • Our World


    • January 2006: Arabian Logistics awarded Logistics Services Contract by Pool International (Nabors Drilling International Limited)
    • February 2006: Arabian Logistics carried out first rig move in Mukhaizna.
    • May 2008: achieved 16 rig moves in one month
    • November 2008: achieved 18 rig moves in one month
    • December 2008: awarded Master Onshore Oilfield Logistics Services
    • Contract for Mukhaizna Field by Occidental Mukhaizna LLC.
    • August 2010: achieved 40 rig moves in one month
    • February 2010: achieved 4 years without LTI
    • A grand total of 363 safe and effective rig moves carried out in 2010
    • A grand total of 409 safe and effective rig moves carried out in 2011
    • 2000 safe and effective rig moves completed in Mukhaizna field without LTI between 1st February 2006 and 31st December 2013
    • January 2012: Abraj awards Rig Moving Services for rigs 205 & 207 in Occidental's Safah Field, North Oman.
    • August 2012: Wilayat Key Energy awards Rig Moving Services for Rigs 66 & 71 in Occidental's Safah and Wadi Latham Fields, North Oman



    Arabian Logistics commenced operations under contract to Pool International ( Nabors Drilling International- Muscat Branch) in Mukhaizna in February 2006.

    In December 2008 Arabian Logistics was awarded the Logistics Services Contract for Rig Moving and Transportation Services by Occidental to support its ongoing drilling campaign in Mukhaizna.

    The scope of work dedicated to 5 Drilling Rigs (ADR's) in Mukhaizna includes rig moving, drill water supply via specialised pumping equipment from storage ponds, drilling fluids collection, transportation and disposal and general in-field logistics support.


    Arabian Logistics brings over 20 years experience in the provision of integrated oilfield services from its parent Company, The Arabian Group of Companies, Sana'a, The Republic of Yemen.

    For further information please visit the Arabian Group of Companies website:


  • Our Resources

    Logistics Fleet

    Arabian Logistics owns and operates a comprehensive range of equipment specifically designed to mobilise rigs and ancillary equipment during drilling campaigns in rough terrain and harsh desert environments.

    Our fleet comprises:-

    • Kenworth 953 Super Heavy Duty Oilfield Truck
    • Kenworth C500 Heavy Duty Oilfield Bed Trucks
    • Kenworth C500 Heavy Duty Winch Trucks
    • Volvo FH16 Winch Trucks
    • International Winch Trucks
    • Volvo FH440 Prime Movers
    • Tadano 50 Ton, 60 Ton and 90 Ton Rough Terrain Cranes
    • Volvo 7 Ton Forklifts
    • 40 foot, 40 Ton Oilfield Trailers
    • 60 foot, 60 ton Scissor-neck and Standard Low Bed Trailers
    • 4000 IG Vacuum Trucks & 8000 IG Vacuum Trailers
    • Drill Water Pumping, Hose Spooling and Recovery equipment
    • Service Trucks


    Arabian Logistics proactively supports Omanisation and the development and training of its personnel in the belief that therein lies the foundation of its future success and growth. We are proud of our record in achieving Omanisation targets and in developing Omani personnel throughout the company.

    Consequently, we have a very experienced and dedicated team of Omani Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors and HSE Advisors delivering outstanding logistics support to our operations throughout Oman. These professionals lead a large number of Omani drivers and operators and, in turn, are are managed by a team of very experienced and qualified Expatriate Operations Managers.

    A training Matrix for all Field personnel identifies, tracks and monitors training needs and they are issued with individual training passports.

    Arabian Logistics supports employment of Omani Local Contractor Companies (LCCs) to foster good relations within the local community and aid economic and social development.

Postal Address

Arabian Logistics LLC
P.O. Box 1328, Postal Code 130,
Azaiba, Sultanate of Oman
Telephone:+968 24597663
FAX:+968 24597666

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